To Never Give Up…

To Never Give Up..

To never give up is the most daunting  task a human can assume. While, many will easily surrender and give in to relieve their minds of the restlessness thinking causes, others will enthusiastically put their lives on the line for their principles and values they cherish. This idea was sparked into my mind as I thought of the easy lives many people seem to have because they have simply freed themselves from all encumbrances. They must go  about their daily lives so smoothly, I thought enviously for half a second. I could easily tell by the relaxed and smooth features of their faces which bear no dark circles under their eyes or signs of anxiety whatsoever. They have no worry or care that can spoil their day or make them insomniac. The heaviest burden they can have is being bored from the daily routine. Their minds are focused on two things at most: food and entertainment. I have always thought it was  only a child’s world that consisted of those two elements, but it looks like that view has certainly changed.

The Walking Dead is a name I’ve dubbed such people with. To live and die without having a care in the world and being totally oblivious to other people’s suffering is similar to living without a brain.  I come across people like this every day. Obviously, one would think that living in Gaza gives your brain enough to keep it busy.

Written on :

December, 2010

2 responses to “To Never Give Up…

  1. I liked it so much ,,, I am completely agree with u , but I thinks there is a problem concerning our attitude towards our encumbrances. It needs an inside power,, I wish we can one day,,,

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