The Miracle


The Miracle

I was standing there admiring the beautiful babies. Then suddenly, and out of nowhere, I heard bombing. Oh goodness, I have to take them to a safe place. But how many of them can I carry? Oh, look at that adorable boy dressed in bright light green apparel. He’s smiling at me, I must take him. Come on little darling, you will be safe with me. Let’s get a move on before things get worse. So I run and run. But suddenly I stop. I want to turn back to save that cute and lovely little princess. Look at those light brown little curls on her hair ends. Her chubby cheeks tempt my fingers to give her tiny pinches and kisses. She is looking me in the eye too. I hope I have time to rescue her too. I don’t want any one else to take her. These babies must be from heaven. My eyes have never seen such fine beauty.  I do believe in miracles and children are one of those wonderful and fabulous miracles.  How such perfection is created from a drop of water. How it grows in darkness. How they captivate the hearts of their parents.

Then suddenly I found myself waking up. Oh what a dream. How I wish it were real. The color of that baby’s clothing is not like any green I’d ever seen. It must be the color of the trees in Paradise.  His picture has captivated  my mind. His innocent smile has seized my heart and soul. My heart is throbbing to cuddle him up in my arms.  He must be out there waiting for me in some part of the world. I know I’ll find him one day. He will recognize me.

And like I said, if you believe in miracles, they are bound to come true. For it was only a few years later that Allah blessed me with one set of triplets; two wonderful girls and a charming boy.

One response to “The Miracle

  1. oh my dear ,,, May God guard and protect and bless them , nothing is impossible for Allah , our deep faith of Allah is enough to make any miracle comes true,

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