Who am I?

I’m a passionate Palestinian writer, certified translator and a full-time mother living in Gaza. I’ve lived through all the trubulences and major events which took place in my beloved country and watched the suffering of the ordinary people. As I became a mother, my perspective for the events taking place was elevated to different levels. My empathy for children and their stolen childhood continues to pound my heart severly; the perseverance of the  intelligent youth of Gaza who are holding on to their dreams of living in a prosperous nation built with their very own hands feeds my own soul with the power to remain resolute; the stalwart widows of Palestine, many still in the prime of their lives, who struggle to feed their children and provide them with the best education haunts my thoughts and lingers on my mind feeding me with inspiration.

In my blog, I reflect on the events taking place in Gaza and somtimes in Palestine as a whole. I’m not a journalist, and I’m fond of writing about things I love, ranging from poetry to parenting to give my readers a true image of who I am and of a typical ambitious Palestinian mother in Gaza.

Cambridge CELTA (British Council) May-June 2012

B.A in English Literature (The Islamic University Gaza-1999)

Professional Diploma in Translation (2009)

Sworn Legal Translator (2010)

English Language Qualifications: IELTS 8.5

Freelance Writer and Blogger from Gaza


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