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I write poems on all sorts of themes, especially small things which I happen to see differently. Whenever I feel inspired I quickly hit the keyboard and let my thoughts and emotions pour forth.

Is There Eid In Gaza?

Just had some thoughts about Eid holiday in a flash of a second. Funny how one of the  things that makes it feel like holiday is the way we name the days of the Eid as ” the first day of Eid, the second…” so that we actually have to remember what day of the week it is. It’s like our minds want a break from anything having to do with our regular lives including school, work and every other form of commitments we have.

Eid is presumably the happiest time of the year for Muslims. What could be better than having a couple days of lethargy without feeling guilty? But when I truly think about it, or rather measure the intensity of my emotions towards this big event in my life, I’m poignantly thwarted. There’s no real sense of being overjoyed or thrilled, in fact Eid has become one of the most depressing times of the year for many not just me. I try to think happy thoughts, but find it challenging and defeating. I try to push away the impact of the hard facts on the ground both here in Gaza and in the region. I’ll start with the regional situation first, that is Syria. How can anyone be expected to put a smile on a face or celebrate while watching bloody images of untold horror torture and death stories. It’s been 20 months into the Syrian Revolution and hearing the death toll of Syrian martyrs has appalled any sense of trust and faith in the international community which I might have had one day long time ago when my mind wasn’t mature enough.  It’s absolutely sickening how the life of humans is worthless when weighed against the economic benefits and lust to dominate. So instead of sending NATO planes, as it did in the rich oil reservoir  of Libya, to put an end to the monstrous killings, it has chosen to stand idly and let the Syrian Dictator Regime rampage on in its ruthless killing spree. I’m no political analyst here, but I want to state the facts in their simple matter of fact way because it doesn’t require a genius to analyze what is going on. So that’s one thought which certainly disturbs the Eid.

The second fact which spoils my train of happy thoughts is inside Gaza. Despite the hardships of siege and pre-Eid extra-judicial killings of fellow Palestinians carried out by Israeli drones and F-16s, I suppress my mind to think only about the happy occasion, square my shoulders and take my kids out to shop for new clothes. After all, that is a rock solid Eid ritual embedded into our culture; new clothes and a new everything if possible. As I set my foot into the streets, I find majority of shops packed with women and children grabbing garments before they run out. I can understand a child’s excitement to buy new clothes and try to remember how it must have been a nice feeling when I was my kids’ age. I could tell this by the light in their eyes as they put on that new piece of clothes as if they’re a royal prince or princess. May be I need to keep looking into their eyes so that magic can be transferred or caught communicably. It’s sad how this magical feeling starts to fade as they move into more mature phases of their lives.

As I walk with one of my daughters by the shops, the rattling of the roaring power generators does more than enough to obliterate any thoughts of peaceful thinking about the upcoming holiday. Every single shop has one of those monsters chained to its door giving off the most horrible smell and unnerving noise.  Despite this, the shoppers seem to be deaf to that noise bustling about. But for me, I think it just spoils the serenity and purity of the atmosphere.

Today has marked the last day of Eid, uhh… yes, Monday and my mind will be tuning back to my normal routine, but the abnormal life of Gaza still persists. However, I will absolutely shun this pessimistic behavior and remind myself of the blessings we have as we await the visit of the King of Bahrain in only three days who also happens to be Hamad.




Gaza War..Indelible Memories

Gaza War… Indelible Memories

When the horrific war was over, I realized that I had been transformed into another person. My thoughts and reflexes went through a kind of turbulence. I tried to convince myself that the war was actually over. The credibility of that fact was hard to instill into my head. I developed these idiosyncrasies.  I would have the TV remote control in my hand switching between news channels all day, as if it gave me the sense of security I needed. When the clock approached 10:00 P.M and it was almost time for Aljazeera news, the TV was off limits for everyone but me. The radio, which I had rarely held importance for, was a leading member of the family now. I couldn’t lie down on the sofa; I had to be alert at all times.  I should never dare to look out the windows, one should anticipate impending danger. I would keep a good look at the clock and calendar and count the time and days. I pacify myself that soon it will all be over and nothing but……. horrible memories will be left. I forgot to remind myself that there will always be a scar; a permanent lasting scar that time can never heal. Images of the dead, decapitated, maimed and burned are engraved in my head. People crying for help, but remain unanswered. They either await death, or another attack to put an end to that black moment where everything seems to be falling down and the world coming to an end. But these are the thoughts and feelings of a grownup. But, have you ever wondered what the psychology of a child had to bear during those deplorable days and nights? The innocent minds of children only understand two things:  Eat and play.  Anything else is an impostor. How can they be expected to understand with their small minds that their lives are at stake? In ordinary life, they easily defy their parents by refusing anything they don’t like. But now they have no choice. At night, when I tucked my kids into bed, my heart would sink and pray that the hours to come are safe and sound. When morning rose, I’d feel temporary relief that the darkness was gone. When the war broke out, I was devastated to realize the hard facts. The facts were that a ruthless war was being launched onto a tiny part of the world called Gaza. The International Community was complicit in that savage war launched against a helpless and bled dry nation. Was there no drop of humanity or compassion in the hearts of so-called leaders or decision makers, or any gut to say NO to Israeli and its complicit crime initiator, the US? Is our blood that trivial and worthless to them? Have the cries of our children and sobs of our bereaved mothers become a routine spectacle of the misfortunate and forsaken? Our Prophet (Peace be upon him) said in a Hadith while performing tawaf around the Holy Kaba: “ …. the sanctity of a believer’s blood and property in the sight of Allah is greater than your sanctity!” Yes, to all the relentless villains who have set the mad dogs loose upon us: Our blood is sacred and your retribution is yet to come. Your state was built with the slaughtering of Palestinian men, women and children and you hailed it Independence Day. Villages forcefully evacuated and people massacred in broad daylight where Killing was the only way to conquer and establish your Zionist state. The midnight vampires and satanic allies aided your venture with all heart and have remained so loyal and stalwart to justifying the murder of children playing outside their homes or on the roofs of their houses.

The hope in the hearts of my people and their unwavering faith is the fountain that feeds their souls with life and determination to go on. Our hearts are in our Maker’s hands only and no human being may have any means to kill the power they hold within. The path we’ve chosen is not dead-ended, it leads to two very distinct destinations:  to live in dignity or die in dignity


Ode to a Turtle

The Turtle

It may seem rather odd to embark upon such a small and insignificant creature. The turtle; a small hard-shelled, weary-eyed slowpoke. Could there be anything inspiring about this animal? What value does it hold amongst hundreds of other powerful creatures? Is it even worth talking about? During my childhood Continue reading

To MY Beloved Gaza….

The Candle


Up high on the mountain summit

There appears to be a small fire lit

Getting closer, the fire seems to grow higher aloft

My feet approach steadily, and I’m quiet near

My eyes are in full gaze, my mind utterly stunned

I’m almost spellbound to actually apprehend

That the fire is only a small candle

I wonder and wonder in pensive meditation

Why this candle chose to be in such exposed elevation

So feeble and small, yet profoundly bright

It stands out so bold, stands out with might

I will guide you through the way, I will be your friend

If the world deserts you, I will lead you till the end

For I was like you one day, alone and bereft

The whole world cast me, but I was resolved to fight

So, with great diligence I made my ascent

To the mountain peak, the candle said

I vowed to be the light that leads the way

For the lost ones, for those led astray

You can besiege my helpless body, but do not rejoice

My mind and heart will not surrender, nor call for a truce