Jerusalem…My Love

Jerusalem……my True Love

An amalgam of happiness and sorrow overcame me as I set foot on the holy soil of Jerusalem.  My heart raced as I climbed the stairs leading to the Dome of the Rock. I could almost hear the cries of that holy mosque pleading for help. I could see the heavy iron chains strangling the faded golden Dome and hear its aching groans. How long have you been deserted my love? Decades have passed and hundreds of martyrs sacrificed their lives on your sacred soil.  Beyond description, emotions ran down my spine as I stood there trying to hold back my tears. I wished I was not accompanied by anyone that day so I could speak to my Jerusalem and pour out my emotions of eternal love loading my heavy heart. I ran about like a joyful child to every corner of the Holy area encompassing the Dome of the Rock, Alaqsa Mosque and Almarwani Mosque. I stood in awe admiring the Muslims of that holy city who are determined to survive for Jerusalem’s sake. Performing prayers is an easy task for us in Gaza, I thought to myself.  But look at how much harassment and humiliation these people face when they come for the daily prayers. Nonetheless, they defy the haughty soldiers standing at the gates and if they are turned back, they adamantly pray outside. It was on this very soil that Salah Eldin made history. I could see the galloping and dashing of the horses across the battlefield. I could hear the deafening clash of swords dominate the atmosphere. What honor and valor those fighters must have had in their blood.

Jerusalem, my love: Don’t shiver when the sky covers you with snow, I will embrace you with the warmth of my heart. Don’t shed your tears as the trees gently shed their leaves over you; for they only mean to soothe your troubles. And when the sun shines and flowers blossom in May and birds chirp in glee, they will chant you a song of freedom.

Jerusalem, my love: Your Rock will always be the fountain of fortitude that keeps me strong. Your shining Dome will fill my aching heart with rays of hope and sustenance. Your proud history will give me the faith and assurance that you will be mine again.


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