The Unabridged Encyclopedia of Atrocities

The Unabridged Encyclopedia of Atrocities

Both hidden and exposed, the whole world is closely observing an unpleasant combination of abuses and killings which dictators  are  perpetrating against their own peoples. It is almost as if they themselves have actually believed  with all their heart that they are immovable objects to whom the rest of the nation must succumb.

The tyrannical Pharaoh of Egypt in Prophet Moses’ time subdued his own people for decades and declared proudly that he was their God. Anyone found to worship anything else was killed. Believing he held divine and mighty powers, his haughtiness led him to order his assistant to build a stairway leading to the heavens so he may see Moses’ God with his naked eye.  A lifetime of carnages, injustice and cruelty lasted for the Pharaoh until that black moment came. So how did the Pharaoh meet his end? By a miracle and through a revelation from Allah, Moses struck the waters with his stick by which sea was divided into two separate masses. A path was made for Moses and the Believers to pass through and the Pharaoh and his men drowned. As the Pharaoh was drowning he cried in desperation: ” I believe that there is no god except Him Whom the Children of Israel believe in: I am of those who submit (to Allah in Islam).” Verse 90,Chapter 10 of Holy Quran. But alas, your acknowledgement of the truth was long overdue. You spent your whole life flagrantly rejecting the truth because your pride and feeling of superiority made you perceive yourself as someone who is out of the ordinary. You falsely conceived that you were endowed with mighty powers which placed you in a higher and more lofty rank than that of the common people. You turned your people into peasants who labored to fulfill your  desires. Did the word mortality ever cross your mind or ring in your head? Did you not learn when you saw people bury or make mummies of their dead that soon you would be buried or mummied yourself? Or was that thought too unpleasant for your mind to ponder.

The Late Pharaoh of 21st Century (Mubarak)

Retrospection of the past obviously helps in understanding the present. Thus, it is clear that you drew inspiration from that Pharaoh. You might have even paid him visits at the museum and meditated by his side. Have you ever pondered the words plight, disease, illness, poverty and unemployment or were they dropped from or rendered archaic in your mental dictionary. When your grandson became seriously ill, the private plane was ready to take him to France in no time because he deserved to receive treatment. Even your own enemies would have been willing to ensure proper treatment simply because it is a right every human being is granted under international humanitarian law. Unquestionably, any honorable, conscientious ordinary person would rush to put a smile on a child’s face again, let alone save his/her life. What about the hundreds of Palestinian children and infants who died in hospital beds or at the Rafah border because they were denied treatment. Did their impoverished and miserable circumstances deem them undeserving of getting a chance to live? Just as we grieved the children of Gaza who became victims of the siege you were accomplice in, we were saddened to hear that your grandson passed away. Yet, and through that clear message from Allah, we hoped it might soften your heart and remind you of other ill children that do actually exist inside the Gaza enclave. Children who were robbed the chance to live their playful childhood because, according to you, they were born in the wrong place.

What about the friends you flock with? Did they ever gave you any piece of good advice as true friends do, or have they boasted to you about and outdone you with their own series of atrocities committed against their own peoples? You have ardently and devotedly competed with your gruesome friends of Arab leaders who have pigeonholed their own people as the underdogs so they may never rise up or live in honor. By positioning yourself in such a patronizing place, you looked down to them and  ruled that they must never learn what freedom tastes, feels or smells like. If they wished  to live a good life that fed their bellies, they had to learn the art of obsequiousness to members of the Ruling Party which entails working as informers against their own people. Police officers were given the authority to grab any person off the street and torture him to death or throw him in a dungeon in which he was sure to be transformed into one of your men. Dozens  of such frightening  incidents passed so easily since no one dared to question or criticize the hideous actions of the police. Your devilish wits never stopped improvising methods to outrage your people. So, your circle of demon consultants enlightened you with the stupendous idea to stir chaos and disorder among the people. And as a sign of loyalty and confidence in their advice, you promptly gave orders to your Minister of Interior to bomb up a church on New year’s Eve when families were together celebrating this happy occasion.

All these horrendous deeds fill my mind with such enigmatic thoughts: What kind of heart is it that is buried in your chest? Surely, it must have demons  guarding it to prevent any atom of light or goodness to penetrate through. I can see it just  by closing my eyes; black and dreary, haunted by devils. How is it do you and your Arab leader friends undergo this evil transformation of the heart and mind so they become immune to feeling or understanding human emotions and the universal morals and principles innate in every normal human being.  Do you chose to be that way, or are you controlled from within by a dark power to which you are completely subdued? How is  it that you and your fellows mastered the art of producing such monsters? Did your witches’ brew consist of dirt and rocks to make your hearts hard …but rocks are not as hard as people accuse them of being: “Thenceforth were your hearts hardened: They became like a rock and even worse in hardness. For among rocks there are some from which rivers gush forth; others there are which when split asunder send forth water; and others which sink for fear of Allah. And Allah is not unmindful of what ye do”.  Verse 74, Chapter 2 of Holy Quran.

Egypt is free now; Tunisia is free; Libya and Yemen following suit with heavy prices paid for the precious gift of freedom. But there remains another puzzling fact which suppresses any feeling of hope in those leaders; which is none seems to have a touch of wisdom that urges him to contemplate and learn from his predecessor. Despite the evil bond that ties them, each one thinks that he is somehow different than his counterpart.

Rana Shubair

Written on April 5th, 2011


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