Do Not Let Go of Dreams

Do Not Let Go of Dreams!

Fantasizing about dreams and ambitions could either be an uplifting experience, or heart-crashing reality. Everyone is free to dream about what they wish to accomplish in their lifetime; whether it be in becoming a famous celebrity, in winning the Noble Prize, or more humbly in merely getting a prestigious organizational post. Regardless of what your imagination fantasizes about, there is one thing which is common ground for all dreamers which is: Believing in yourself. If you think that making your way up is a road furnished with roses, then you are doomed to collapse from the first obstacle you stumble over. Say you are a good-hearted amicable person who prefers the company of good people with whom you wish to share your dream with; or yet even seek their good advice or help, then you are hit hard on the head with another tough fact of life which you may call: Selfishness. So what would your first reaction be? Well, for one, you could drop down in despair and feel deserted by the good people whom you thought stood by your side. But what is more hazardous is to become so distraught with worry that you let go of your dream and so easily and plainly just give up. This is what is called: Retreating from a fight and raising the white flag in surrender.

The second scenario is to  be a stalwart hardliner and view the impediments on your way as a test of your nerves to which you shall not succumb. Why is it that others have fought and made their way despite all obstacles and threats? More importantly about dreams is that you know  for sure that you’re on the right path especially when you have lofty dreams whose benefits  extend to a wide circle of people, not just you. I do realize that it is not very interesting to lecture,  but it’s the pep talk we owe ourselves every now and then as neurolinguist scientists tell us.  We need to take heed in the language we use so  as to give  our subconscious a positive attitude towards ourselves and our inherent potential so the outcome would  result in something like: Yes! I think I can. Another privilege I  like to think about which helps to nurture my soul is derived from a seemingly gloomy reality specific to Gazans exclusively; that is: Living under siege.   

As a means to feed my willpower, I have taken to convince my mind with this new fact: Living under siege has more advantages than one could ever discern.  It’s the feeling of suppression combined with isolation from the rest of the world, and being discriminated, disconnected  and deprived from naturally communicating with the other peoples that arouses the volcanic lava inside so I may stand out in defiance. In all countries on this planet,  you may freely decide to travel to another country and make it there with no effort whatsoever. However, in Gaza, and in my lifetime and present generation, this has never been the case. Travelling was always a risky endeavor for the Palestinians who could easily be picked out and arrested by Israelis at the border controlled then by Israelis and Egyptians until the 2005 disengagement from Gaza. Today, the only open border into and out of Gaza is still in the hands of the Egyptians who determine the quantity, and more importantly, the quality of  people permitted to travel. In previous years, the wretched travellers spent nights out in the cold weather or under the scorching sun waiting to be given permission to pass through. You can imagine dozens of people including women and children stuck at the border in a place where time became stagnant. To ensure that all travellers got a taste of the torture at the border, at times the situation was reversed and the people coming back into Gaza were stranded for over three weeks under entirely inhumane degrading circumstances.

So tell me how can you hold on to a dream under such thwarting conditions. It  is the faith and hope in Allah’s mercy and compassion which our hearts thrive on that gives us the driving energy to go on. Honestly and undoubtedly, I do reiterate that believing in my lord has been the power that energizes my soul throughout the years and in all tough situations. Believing in my potentials within and with Allah’s guidance above, I can assuredly say that I take courageous and confident steps on the path of fulfilling my dreams which I eagerly await to reveal to the whole world. Dreams of peace and love; of bringing to light stories of my brave People whom the world has betrayed and turned a blind eye to. This is a dream I can never let go of.

2 responses to “Do Not Let Go of Dreams

  1. Patience my friend. He has promised justice to all…

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