To Hold back or Give out

To Hold back or Give out

At many times, you have your heart set on something and think you can celebrate having found your passion in life. Then before you know it, you either lose interest or get kicked out of that league to find yourself downtrodden into despair.  You start asking yourself: ” Is it me or was it never meant to be?”. Human nature is so complex. But what’s more is the enmity you are faced with as you struggle to make your way up into your field of interest combined with having some kind of innate feeling that you view many of your former colleagues or teachers as comrades who share you the same interest and who you may turn to for advice. As sad and appalling as it is, instead of taking your hand and helping you in your path, they either stay remote or suddenly decide to shun you for God knows what reason. The good and sincere ones will definitely lend you a hand, but there is always a limit to the goodness distributed by human beings almost  as  if any good word of advice is worth more than you can afford, so they will throw trickles of their high valued wisdom lest  it may be squandered such. This attitude is striking in humans; the urge to hold back that caring hand, comforting word or good advice. This is one of the scenes which prompts me to pay thanks to Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Generous to all mankind. Our beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings be upon Him) never turned anyone away. Even when he lacked anything to give, he turned them away politely and tenderly. When coarse- mannered  Bedouins  asked him for money, he was most generous with them and so they hailed him as the man who is so giving that he does not fear poverty.

The art of giving is now a prescription for relieving stress and depression. There is something magical about that feeling that enraptures your heart when you give  out that hand of help, or that word of comfort which that person has longed  to hear. The smile they return is the best reward for your aching heart and beaten soul. 

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