Change in the Making vs. Change We Believe in

Change in the Making vs. Change We Believe in

Change, we believe in makes a catchy election campaign, yet has remained as dumb and fixed as the podium it was posted on. It was finely delivered  rhetoric speech embraced by the majority of Americans who  were too euphoric about the winning of the first Afro-American president than they were to scrutinize the speech itself. What can one say, words have a magical and captivating effect to say the least.

As the world watches the revolution fervor sweep through the middle east, facts on the ground are changing fast and the region is in fact undergoing a tremendous makeover. Faces of  presidents posted up in streets and public buildings for decades are being torn down, stepped on and burned. Submissive, humiliated and disenfranchised generations have broken their silence and cried enough! Ordinary people have finally built up the courage to take to the streets and protest against the tyrant who had long been perceived as stubborn  as the Sphinx of Egypt. The Libyan leader unveiled the ugliness behind his already eccentric  outward  appearance and declared war  on his own people and gave the same advice to his Yemeni friend, Saleh.  Syria’s president, always calm and seemingly sane on television screens is on equal footing with the Libyan slayer in his bloody fierce competition over power and has not given up his ordeal  of deluding the people that Syria is infiltrated with gangs of terrorists. For decades, Arabs have been viewed as ignorant and submissive people, living in tents and riding camels.  As far as I can remember when I was in seventh grade, 1988 in the States, whenever a student learned I  was an Arab, their impulsive  reply was the tent and camel mockery. Unexpectedly and beyond their perception, no leader of any country on this globe , trotting in his impeccable suit and blinding shining shoes , ever dreamed in his worst nightmare of seeing a person dare to demonstrate in any Arab country. Hours, days, weeks, months and years of abusing ordinary citizens in torture dungeons seemed to assure those leaders that the future belonged to them and their dynasty.

With the dawn of 2011, the hard fastened chain began to loosen and break in the Arab world to declare that we are sick and tired of hearing speeches, slogans and promises. If you can talk the talk, you must walk the walk and the if you can’t, you may turn on your tv screen to learn how to do it. The Arab People do proudly admit stealing part of your election campaign slogan, Change, just  to give you and all those immovable fixated leaders a lesson on how to make change. The  harsh facts are, that it  will not  come without a heavy price of sacrifices. But what can one do if the volcano has erupted, it cannot be stopped or repressed and all those standing in the way must scram like rats for cover, and in the end the volcano is the dominator.

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