Can We Reconcile with the Palestinian Reconciliation?

Can We Reconcile with the Palestinian Reconciliation?

After hearing the news about the Palestinian reconciliation, I wondered what the coming days were to hold for us.  I tried to carefully scrutinize what my real feelings were towards this epic event. Was I optimistic and uplifted, or skeptical and worried?  After all, it is  the big day all Palestinians have long awaited. What exactly does reconciliation require: To put the days of hatred and incitement behind and make a fresh start in the history of our nation. Will we stand the test of time this time? Are our hearts warm enough to forgive and forget? Will we shake each other’s hands with love? A flood of thoughts there simmering in my mind prompting me to pose these questions.  Even in the darkest hours when blood was shed and we all got hurt one way or the other by the division of our people, we knew that an alien force was employing its own agenda dubbed: ” Creative Chaos” implemented by Palestinian hands. The history of the Palestinian people is an honoring one which affirms that unity and perseverance had always been the virtue of our people. We were one hand during the two Intifadas (Uprising)  and conflict between our people was only erratic. No sincere and loyal citizen initiated violence, only those who betrayed their country and sold it for a meager price.   So long as we only allowed  our freewill to control the decisions we made did we succeed in overcoming many obstacles  no matter how  challenging they seemed. 

Although a hard fact remains that the pain of every widow, orphan or maimed can never be forgotten, we must learn the art  of forgiveness which is the only true remedy that can alleviate  our suffering. Prophet Mohammed(Peace Be Upon Him) educated us on the priceless gift  of forgiveness. The Disbelievers of Mecca hurt him in the most vicious  ways ; they threw him with stones making his face and feet bleed; they threw the intestines of a sheep over him as he prayed at the Ka’ba; they called him many offensive names: a magician, a mad man,… but did he ever return those evil doings with evil? Absolutely never. His  heart was as broad as the horizon which no matter how far you look into, your eyes can never go beyond to fathom its beauty. The radiance of his morals shone over every saddened and grieving heart soothing it with kindness and love.

In our coming future,  we have  to  learn to instill these morals into the heads of our people. As I was passing the streets  of Gaza, my children couldn’t help notice the flags hanging from houses and held up by people riding in cars, so they asked why  flags were all over the place. This was apt time to introduce this term to them which they had read once on a bumper sticker, so I replied: It’s the reconciliation. They instantly demanded a further explanation, so I told them that the people had stopped fighting with each other. What people they asked? My final and affirmative answer was: just the people.

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