Palestinian Heroes Behind Bars

Palestinian Prisoners: Heroes Behind Bars

Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) – If you have a window that you can open and look out of to at least get some fresh air, or please your eyes with the blue sky or glimmering stars,  then you are definitely a wealthy person here in Gaza for the obvious reason of enjoying the freedom to do so. Ponder this: Over eight thousand Palestinian prisoners are being held by the Zionists in harsh and inhumane circumstances, many in isolation deprived of even communicating with other prisoners.

It is only if one has suffered the reality of confinement that one would understand the true plight and misery of the Palestinian prisoners. Not a day goes by without the Israeli Occupation Forces captivating Palestinians easily off the streets or from  their homes. No one is immune to these attacks whether young or old, male or female. Operating in broad day light , or under the cover of darkness, the predators barge into neighborhoods or send in undercover soldiers to catch their prey.  Consequently,  prisons are packed with people who have no clear guilt but one: being  Palestinian! Since  literally anyone  can suddenly be easily and falsely charged of posing a threat to the so-called security of Israeli, captivation of innocent Palestinians is always excusable to the Israelis.

The Palestinian prisoners constitute a key issue in the Palestinian Cause. The invisible heroes confined behind bars and isolated in cells under brutal conditions. Many have died in vague circumstances while many more  suffer from various types of  chronic diseases, and are left to endure the pain till they meet their death. Even in prison, detainees from Gaza are given the Israeli style of exceptional treatment whereby they are deprived from seeing family members in regular visits. To the international community, they are no more than increasing figures whom they have lost count of. Their names are anonymous, their families  are forgotten despite their weekly demonstrations at the Red Cross Society. Ask anyone off the street in any Western country to name a prisoner in the Israeli prisons and don’t be too surprised see that the brainwashing of mainstream media has left the people with only one name associated with the middle east in their minds: Gilad Shalit.

My brothers and sisters lying there in dark cells, if the world has chosen to remain blindfolded to your tragedy , we will  not turn our backs on you. You have sacrificed  your youth and the most precious gift humans possess- freedom so that we can live. We want you to know that as we put our heads  down to rest on our cushioned pillows, our hearts  throb as we picture you in your isolation.  We may live and go about our lives and may be pursue our studies, but our own lives have not erased your beautiful pictures  from our minds. Your valor and steadfastness feed us the power to continue in our struggle to regain our rights. At times, I pacify myself that indeed you are the strong and formidable ones, despite your confinement. Prison has  taught you to stand high with pride because you have a noble cause which you cherish more than your own souls. You may be thousands, but each one holds an honorable place in our hearts. When heavy rain falls, my heart beats with excitement as I know that it is a moment of mercy when prayers are answered, so I make a special prayer to Allah to relieve your pains and put an end to your suffering. When we get bored of our daily routine, and when there’s no place to go for amusement, I remember your four-walled bloodstained cells and my lips utter a silent prayer for you.

Tomorrow, Palestine shall commemorate the Palestinian Prisoner’s Day April 17th to educate  every child, man and woman in Palestine on your stories of unmatchable heroism; and to tell the whole world that your issue is uncompromisable. Rest assured that the people of Palestine are unanimous on your issue because it is the issue of the whole nation. Nothing can compensate for your absence, and we shall not rest until you are all united with your loved ones.

Rana Shubair
Palestinian writer and blogger from Gaza

One response to “Palestinian Heroes Behind Bars

  1. thanks so much ,

    I support u, may Allah be pleased with our prisoners and get them free soon ,


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