Jerusalem…You Have Won

Jerusalem…You Have Won

You have won the round for today my dear Jerusalem. Yes, victory was definitely yours. We all witnessed the young and old defending you with their vulnerable unarmed bodies; grabbing whatever they could whether chairs, shoes or any piece of metal or wood at hand to protect you. They have vowed to remain loyal to you and put their lives on the line for your sake. The images we saw on the TV screens have today restored hope within us and lifted our spirits. Our fellow brothers and sisters of the Holy City, as well as those in the neighboring cities in Palestine have demonstrated that they are not willing to give up.

Readily and courageously, they stepped up to prove to the world that they will not abandon or desert their Holy Mosque. They are poignantly aware that not a single Arabian army will be inconvenienced or discomforted by what is happening and so they waited for no one. To their peril they realised that they had very little in comparison to their Zionist counterparts; soldiers equipped with solid, sophisticated weaponry.

Nonetheless, the Jerusalemites and other Palestinians courageously confronted the soldiers with loud echoing chants of Allaho Akbar, which were enough to make their enemies tremble and retreat.

Forty years ago on August 21st 1969, the Palestinians woke up to an unanticipated disaster. The Zionists had plotted to set the Mosque on fire. The flames that swept through the windows, doors and gates of their beloved Holy Mosque consumed their hearts with despair.

But did they idly stand by watching in lament? Sheikh Ikrima Sabri recalls that day when the Palestinians rushed to rescue the Mosque: “I still keep my clothes which I wore on the day we ran to rescue Alaqsa. I was completely astounded to see how the Jerusalemites and Palestinians retaliated on that day. What they did proves that they are strongly bound to their beloved Mosque”.

The days of lament and mourning are no longer part of our lives. The Palestinians have chosen to be active and positive in their fight for freedom. They will no longer weep and tell their grandchildren of the sad stories of their eviction and displacement.

Their history has become filled with unmatchable stories of heroism and valor, which will undoubtedly inspire generations to come. The unforgettable images of martyrs presiding and guarding street corners will be a constant reminder that these honorable men and women have started a lifelong duty, which we are obliged to continue for as long as the struggle continues…

Rana Shubair

September 29, 2009

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