The Loony Drone

The Loony Drone

It’s the Israeli drones again buzzing above all day and night. One should not let even the most unpleasant incidents pass by without recording the emotions they induce. So I may ask myself a question now: How does this highly provocative  object affect me? Well,  first it puts you in sort of a rhythmic mood whereby if the sound suddenly stops, your senses come to a halt for a second there. It resembles the ticking of the clock which wrecks your nerves when you are sleepless, but at  the same time it becomes part of your life which if you decide to terminate, you must find an alternative sound to fill the space of your room. Or yet the chirping of night crickets and hooting of owls which I attuned to back in our old family house.  It’s amazing that my mind has actually recovered those sounds buried in my memory which my ears can almost hear. So yes, dear people of Gaza trying to get your mind off that loony drone, just think of other sounds which you can entertain your mind with.

One response to “The Loony Drone

  1. Loony drone becomes part of the common familiar sounds we used to hear,,,, don’t worry ,, as soon as our children hear that sound they happily say : Mom there is a plane over the sky ,, it may occurs a bomb,,,

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