Ode to a Turtle

The Turtle

It may seem rather odd to embark upon such a small and insignificant creature. The turtle; a small hard-shelled, weary-eyed slowpoke. Could there be anything inspiring about this animal? What value does it hold amongst hundreds of other powerful creatures? Is it even worth talking about? During my childhood, I recall having heard the story of the turtle and the rabbit; the mouse and the lion. This gave me inspiration to write about this very animal. The rabbit had so much confidence in his high leaps that he ignorantly undermined the power and resilience of the turtle.  By contrast, the turtle was aware that it did not have a chance in competing against the rabbit who could win the race in a couple of leaps. Yet, with its indomitable will, nothing was impossible.

Hard-shelled, hard-headed. The hard covering shell feeds the mind and soul with determination and fortitude, nearly encompassing the body with the driving force to challenge life. Like a gadget operates this matchless creature. When it senses danger, its legs are automatically sucked in as if at a press of a button. It may stay inside motionless as long as it takes to provoke your patience. Indeed, she is more patient.  Despite the unattractive appearance, a wise man would only hold awe and wonder for this miniature being. Observe closely you will be overwhelmed with admiration for such a profoundly sturdy animal. Your brain may be impeded by its sluggishness for a while there. Yet, watch closely and put your mind to work. She may possess more unyielding powers than you.

Taking her journey in life, it proceeds steadily to fulfill its appointed mission. She will not go against her nature and pretend to be a rabbit; she’s proud of herself.  She sets her whimsical eyes on the long road and her legs kick along. To her surprise, she meets a good friend; a snail. They have so much in common. They walk off together each happy with their new friendship. One can undoubtedly learn from even the tiniest creatures.

Ode to the Turtle

The judge called out the verdict, so unjust

The turtle and the rabbit are to contest

The race shall begin at noon, when the sun is hot

Through a long dusty road, barren and desolate

The rabbit leaped in glee:” I wholeheartedly accept”.

The turtle lifted its eyes, unwilling to object

Happily the rabbit leaped to and fro

But the heat became too scorching for his fury coat

So he decided to take a rest, no need to hurry

The turtle was far behind, he needn’t have a worry

Then out of the horizon, the hard shell appeared

Steadily moving along, undaunted by the heat

The audience bewildered, cried out with a deafening roar,

Hooray for the turtle, the invincible winner of all.

Rana Shubair

July 22, 2008


2 responses to “Ode to a Turtle

  1. Its a little bit a strange article, but it is samrt one, u attracted our minds since we read the title, ( Turtle ), it takes us to many imaginative ideas, but as soon as we’ve read it we get the idea,,, it doesn’t matter how the thing is small,, it is not measured by the size, look at the bees ,,, insects, we learn alot from them,,,,

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