A Riveting Read

A Riveting Read

I recently had the pleasure of reading a really nice book called: ” Life is an Open Secret” written by a Malaysian writer: Zabrina Bakar and delivered to me by my lovely sister Reham (Thank you !). It contains 18 inspirational life stories and the moral behind each story. The interesting feature about this book is its simplified yet attractive style which is  suitable for all ages. The themes include: being a good Muslim; merits one must possess to make her/his way through life and other practical themes you will easily identify with and nod your head as you read through them all. As I turned through its pages, I discovered some commonground which I share with this talented writer. Most importantly, I sensed her microscopic eye, if I may,  for things. She doesn’t let small details pass by so unnoticeably and makes something great from  ordinary incidents. I believe that such an observing eye has led to the great success of her book.

One response to “A Riveting Read

  1. Which is goood,,, I am anxiously waiting reading it,, you attracted our interests to read it and learn the moral lessons of living happily in life,,,, in which we are in need , especilly Gaza citizins,,,,
    Thanks for all of your lovely posts,,,, waiting for more

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