The Curse Shall Haunt Them…

The Curse Shall Haunt Them…

When the Pharaoh of Egypt in Prophet Moses’ time, decided to pursue Prophet Moses (Peace Be upon Him) and the faithful believers, he did not know what was awaiting him at sea. Moses, on the other hand, sought refuge in the sea; an act deemed crazy for an ordinary person. The sea was the only means of escape ahead of him and the Believers who had no choice but to flee and take the chance. With the Lord above watching over them, Moses never questioned or doubted that Allah will guide and take care of them. With his resolute faith in Allah, Moses was fully assured when he took that step saying to his fellow brothers: “By no means! my Lord is with me! Soon will He guide me!” Surely, his Lord will not let him down. After all, He had saved him in numerous situations before. The miracle happens and the sea is divided into two huge masses of mountains for Moses and the Believers to pass through.

Hundreds of years later, another sea has a new story to tell. The Mediterranean has turned into a course for freedom. It has become a familiar route that people from all over the world are willing to take for the sake of Gaza. Peace activists from over 30 nationalities boarded the ships and sailed the sea to break the inhuman siege imposed on Gaza for over three years. They prepared themselves for different scenarios which they might encounter, but they never expected such deadly and inhuman use of force. They made it quite clear that they will not get anywhere close to the so-called Israeli water simply because their destination is Gaza.

But alas, the midnight devils who operate best under the cover of darkness, snarled and surrounded the midnight heroes of the sea. Shooting with live ammunition, descending from helicopters as if on a battlefield and using different kinds of weapons meant they were ready to raid. The Israeli Occupation had hoped that, after 4 years, the siege on Gaza would turn into a hard fact of life in the minds of people; something very hard to change.

While the world turned a blind eye to the daily suffering of over a million people, those heroes didn’t. The images of those dying from illnesses and being deprived of seeking proper medical care outside the Gaza prison was engraved in their minds and hearts and gave them the driving force to proceed with their relief mission.  In Gaza, where the death toll has exceeded 300, people have turned into figures. This boy’s name was Baraa Issa, but now he is Siege victim number 359, and others follow. The heroes of the Gaza Flotilla defied the silence of the world and said No to the siege on Gaza. The Occupying Forces have gained a curse that will haunt them forever and the Albatross will remain hung around their necks.

Rana Shubair

June 3, 2010

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