To MY Beloved Gaza….

The Candle


Up high on the mountain summit

There appears to be a small fire lit

Getting closer, the fire seems to grow higher aloft

My feet approach steadily, and I’m quiet near

My eyes are in full gaze, my mind utterly stunned

I’m almost spellbound to actually apprehend

That the fire is only a small candle

I wonder and wonder in pensive meditation

Why this candle chose to be in such exposed elevation

So feeble and small, yet profoundly bright

It stands out so bold, stands out with might

I will guide you through the way, I will be your friend

If the world deserts you, I will lead you till the end

For I was like you one day, alone and bereft

The whole world cast me, but I was resolved to fight

So, with great diligence I made my ascent

To the mountain peak, the candle said

I vowed to be the light that leads the way

For the lost ones, for those led astray

You can besiege my helpless body, but do not rejoice

My mind and heart will not surrender, nor call for a truce


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