From Gaza to Egypt: I Had a Dream…

From Gaza to Egypt: I Had a Dream…


Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) – What happened in Egypt some days ago has reverberated through my spine and my heavy heart as much as it did through the whole world. The best part of this triumphant ending was that it came so unexpectedly and at a time when our emotions started to retract a bit.  I had been switching the TV on and off throughout the day and my heart was immensely touched at the resounding voices of the people at Tahrir Square who called out powerful Amen after the Imam of the Friday Congregation Prayer.

I pacified myself that Allah will assuredly answer their sincere prayers for He is the All Merciful.  Upon hearing the news of Mubarak’s ceding power I was literally dumbstruck and told myself that it was too good to be true. His new  title, the Toppled President, sounded indifferent to my ear at first. Yes, it is the power of Allah who can change things with a blink of any eye: “Verily, when He intends a thing, His Command is, “be”, and it is!” Quran 36.082. The People of Egypt had sacrificed the one and most precious of their possessions; their blood. By taking the same path as their brothers and sisters in Occupied Palestine, they have learned that life without dignity is tantamount to being dead, so they readily put their lives on the line for the sake of their people. Taking to the streets, carrying their souls in their palms to regain honor, freedom and justice, they declared that the age of fear and stagnancy was over for good.  It was beyond any human power on earth to force them to turn back, not when they have seen their fellow brothers killed before their eyes.

During my early childhood years, specifically before the age of nine, I had a strange dream for a child my age. That dream was among few dreams deeply etched in my memory till this day. It consisted of one scene where Mubarak was thrown off the roof of our old family house. I carried this dream with me for many years not knowing why it didn’t get washed away by the tides of time. When the revolution in Egypt broke out, I sensed that my 26 year-old dream was about to come true.

Living historical events adds so much meaning to one’s life. On the onset of the year and towards the middle of January specifically, change was beginning to overtake the Arab world. Change is not an election campaign slogan; it is not an abstract term repeatedly used to entrance nations. Change is a tangible force which can be seen on the ground. It is having the courage to take the first step to say: Enough is Enough! Witnessing these epic changes assured me that a new era is shining over the world now. An era which will be recorded in history to mark the renaissance of freedom, justice and peace. As I watched those historic moments on the television screen, I glimpsed hope and prosperity for the young  generation of today. My belief is more firm than ever now:  a new generation fed with valor and strength will be born to lead the world which has long been conquered by evil, suppression and darkness. This is indeed the new age of enlightenment which will shun out corrupt leaders who have hidden behind fancy suits, wrist watches and  deceived their nations by highly eloquent speeches.

As many Egyptians have declared that they can proudly say: ” We’re Egyptians”, I too have an announcement to make.  I can now wholeheartedly profess that: yes, I was born in Cairo, Egypt in a hospital alongside the Nile.  There has always been an Egyptian  component  buried within me which I never cared  to reveal, but which I find myself passionately celebrating now. In Egypt they say, if you drink from the Nile you must return to it someday, and this day has actually come. The exuberant sights of millions celebrating their victory elevated my spirit and my soul yearned to be standing amid the crowd,  on the same soil that absorbed the blood of the revolution martyrs and bloomed the roses of freedom.

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